Bunyoro Women Development Network (Buwoden)

P.O. Box 346, Hoima
Bunyoro Women Development Network was founded in the year 2012 as a company limited by guarantee.
It was incorporated on 10th November 2017 as a non-partisan non profit making organization whois aim is to promote women and youth in Bunyoro and Uganda at large.

About SSP

Strategic Smart Partnerships (SSP) is a Ugandan registered consultancy services company providing coaching, mentorship and strategic business development.
The SSP approach aims to take the lead in promoting partnerships that eliminate barriers to business growth and advocating for conducive business environment and policies for business men and women across East Africa Community (EAC).

Buwoden Vision

A group where all women and girls in Bunyoro are empowered economically, socially and spiritually for self-reliance and dignity.

Buwoden Mision

To transform women and youth, socially and economically for development.

Buwoden Goals

  1. To promote networking among fellow women.
  2. To advocate for women's economic empowerment and women's rights.
  3. To develop and equip rural women with available business skills, opportunities and relevant information.
  4. To develop and form Bunyoro Women Cooperative Bank to ease and access support for women entrepreneurs.
  5. To develop association sustainable projects.

Buwoden Objectives:

  1. To unite all women and youth of Bunyoro together for a common cause.
  2. To act as a linkbetween the group and the government authorities.
  3. To uplift standards of living of women and their families to promote self reliance.
  4. To participate and benefit from government programs implemented in groups.
  5. To enavble all group members start, manages and have sustainable income generating activities.